The Churches of St. John's, Waupoos and St. Philip's, Milford


The Rev. Ada Clifton


Monday, May 21annual St. Philip's canoe trip on Black River begins at Guernsey's at 11 am.

Thursday, May 24potluck supper and movie night at St. Philip's begins at 6 pm. The movie will be "Homeward Bound, the incredible journey", thank you Alfie!
Sunday, May 27congregational meeting at St. Philip's following sandwich Sunday.

Wednesday, May 30women's Bible study at Ailsa's at (:30 am.
Sunday, June 3a short congregational meeting followed by visioning day part 2 with Archdeacon Wayne Varley at St. Philip's with sandwich Sunday.

Wednesday, June 13:  Women's Bible study at Ailsa's at 9:30.
Wednesday, June 20: women's Bible study at Ailsa's at 9:30.
Sunday, June 24open house, welcome Sunday at St. Philip's with a sandwich Sunday. It will also be food bank Sunday at St. John's and St. Philip's.
Friday, June 29pastoral care team meeting at 10:45 at St. Philip's.

Mondaythe choir is now on summer break.

Thursday volunteers listen to children read at Athol-South Marysburgh School from 10:30-11:20 a.m.

Friday service of morning prayer from the Book of Alternative Services at St. Philip's at 10:00 a.m. everyone is welcome.

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Parish Worship Services

Our Sunday worship unites us as a community when we gather together to praise God and to hear His word. Everyone is welcome!

St. John's, Waupoos at 9:00 a.m.:  3207 County Road #8, Waupoos, ON. Services resume on April 1

St. Philip's, Milford at 11:00 a.m.:  44 St. Philip St., Milford, ON

Sunday, May 20 The Day of Pentecost: service of morning prayer from the Book of Common Prayer with Rev. Fran.
Readings:  Ezekiel 37: 1-14, Psalm 104: 25-35, 37b, Romans 8: 22-27, John 15: 26-27 and John 16: 4b-15.
Coffee is served at both churches following the Sunday morning service.  On the fourth Sunday of each month, we share an informal sandwich lunch after church at St. Philip's.  The fourth Sunday is also Food Bank Sunday.  Your donation of non-perishable food items will be much appreciated by the Picton Food Bank.
*St. Philip's goes scent-free: A few of our members have asthma and scents can trigger attacks.  So please be mindful and don't use the following on Sundays: perfume, after-shave, scented lotion, etc.  Thank you.

Home Communion: Rev Clifton is pleased to celebrate Holy Communion in the home of anyone who is not able to attend worship. If you would like home communion or know of someone who would please contact Reverend Ada Clifton at   

Friday service of morning prayer is held at St. Philip's at 10am. Everyone is welcome