First Thoughts From The Rev. Canon David Smith: 

Most weeks Fr. David sends out an e-mail with his first thoughts on the upcoming Sunday readings. These reflections are designed to encourage people to consider the readings before they come to worship which we hope will enrich Sunday worship. People are invited to respond to David with their own thoughts and sometimes interesting ideas and conversations occur that end up in the sermon. If you would like to receive these weekly e-mails e-mail David at  . 

Addition to the Reflections on March 23 Readings

Posted by Emily Sanderson on Thursday, March 20, 2014
I forgot to include an important first thought that I think relates very much to life in our parish. And that is the passion which the woman at the well has for sharing her encounter with Jesus. She immediately tells her community about Jesus and in fact seems to grow in her understanding of Jesus through witnessing to what happened. She basically invites them to come and see what she has seen. To meet the person she met. We are called to say come and see as well. To do this lovingly, wisely, authentically and joyfully is probably one of the most important ministries we have.