First Thoughts From The Rev. Canon David Smith: 

Most weeks Fr. David sends out an e-mail with his first thoughts on the upcoming Sunday readings. These reflections are designed to encourage people to consider the readings before they come to worship which we hope will enrich Sunday worship. People are invited to respond to David with their own thoughts and sometimes interesting ideas and conversations occur that end up in the sermon. If you would like to receive these weekly e-mails e-mail David at  . 

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Weekly Reflections: Sunday, June 1

Posted by Emily Sanderson on Saturday, May 31, 2014, In : Weekly Reflections 
Readings; Acts 1 : 1-11, Psalm 93, Ephesians 1: 15-23, Luke 24: 44-53 Thanks to feasting  on the Word , Year A , Volume 2 pgs 496-519

Hi everyone. Here are my first thoughts for this Sunday when we will
celebrate the Ascension.  Some rushed very elementary first thoughts this week. Hope they stimulate
your thoughts and enrich Sunday's worship.

Because Ascension Day always falls on a Thursday we rarely give the feast the due it deserves. When you read the stories of Ascension it was clearly import...

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Lent 5: Matters of Life and Death, Or Should I say Matters of Death and Life

Posted by Emily Sanderson on Wednesday, April 2, 2014,

Readings: Ezekiel 37: 1 -14, Psalm 130, Romans 8: 6-11, John 11: 1-45


Thanks to Feasting on the Word, Year A Volume 2 pgs 122 – 145 and The New interpreters Bible Volume 9, pgs 684- 695


In a way all of our readings seem a bit out of place in Lent and would be better suited for Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the sure and certain hope of our own resurrection.


We will be  reading the famous story of Ezekiel being taken by the Lord to a valley of dry bones in the desert...

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Living with Integrity...

Posted by Emily Sanderson on Wednesday, February 5, 2014,

Readings for Sunday February 9th: Isaiah 58: 1- 12, Psalm 112: 1-9, 1
Corinthians: 2: 1- 16, Matthew 5: 13- 20

Thanks to Feasting on the Word Year A Volume 1 pgs. 314- 337

The reading from Isaiah is probably addressing the post-exillic community who
have returned from exile in Babylon and are attempting to re-establish
themselves . You can see in vs. 12 for instance a reference to how if they
live justly God will guide them and their ancient ruins will be rebuilt and
the streets will be restored.

On ...
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