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·          Pork and corn roast, August 8

           Jazz Vespers, August 19

·         Yard and rummage sale, September 29

·         Christmas tea and bake sale, November 10

 The Christmas Tea & Bazaar

Saturday, November 14 was the scene of a kick off to the festive season as St. Philip's hosted their annual Christmas Tea & Bazaar.  Many hands worked together to transform the church hall into a Christmas treasure cave with lots of lovely things to enjoy.  We had a great time putting it together.  Below are some of the photos of the event courtesy of Dr. Josef Cihlar. 

An opening prayer led by Father David.

Our ticket seller - in place.

The Sales Girls - ready to go.

A sample of the items on offer.

A display of delicious home baking for sale.

Some of The Kitchen Crew hard at work.

A tea table fit for our guests.

Our Sunday School kids did a great job of serving tea!

Thanks to everyone who donated items, helped plan, set up, baked,cleaned up, served and generally added to the success of the day.  

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