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           Yard and Rummage Sale, May 4

·          Pork and corn roast, August 7

           Jazz Vespers, August tbd

·         Yard and rummage sale, tbd

·         Christmas tea and bake sale, tbd

 The Christmas Tea & Bake Sale 2018

Saturday, November 10 was the scene of a kick off to the festive season as St. Philip's hosted their annual Christmas Tea & Bake Sale.  Many hands worked together to transform the church hall into a beautiful Christmas scene. The bake tables were heaped with lots of tasty baked and preserved items to purchase and lovely tea tables welcomed our guests to enjoy dainty sandwiches and sweets.  We had a great time putting it together.   

                              Here are some views of recent and past Christmas events


Our ticket seller - in place.


The Sales Girls - ready to go.

A display of delicious home baking for sale.

Some of The Kitchen Crew hard at work.

Christmas in the Past

A tea table fit for our guests.

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