ACW Members get ready for the Christmas Bazaar

Some Members of the 

Women's Bible Study Group 

The Groups Within St. Philip's

St. Philip's Anglican Church Women (ACW)

The ACW is open to all women members of the congregation. Our activities raise funds for the church and for numerous charities. With help from all church members as well as friends of the church, we organize six main events each year and assist with many other church happenings. It's work, but we are greatly compensated by the good times we enjoy together as we see our plans take shape. Meetings are held once a month except in July, August, and December. The ACW provides the opportunity for the women of the congregation to serve the church and community in a spirit of faith, fun, and friendship. For more information or to join, please contact our current president Alfie Deyo.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for the care and maintenance of the church linen and vessels.  Members set up and clear the altar at the beginning and end of each service. We are always happy to welcome new recruits. Training is provided. If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, please contact Fran Larkin.  

Marysburgh Women's Bible Study Group

Founded over twenty years ago, the longevity of this group is due to lively and interesting discussions as well as the caring concern of members for one another. The group is open to all women interested in the study of the Bible and the writings of modern Christian thinkers. Members meet in one another's homes every two weeks except in July and August. For more information or to join, please contact Peggy Hallward.

St. Philip's Building Committee

Having an older church building means something frequently needs doing. Fortunately, we are blessed with a group of great guys who know how to repair most things. This group has donated their time and considerable talents to do major work over the years, including complete renovations of the church hall and kitchen, an accessible washroom and most recently, the installation of a commercial dishwasher and a small extension to provide an office for the priest and extra storage space. They maintain the building and grounds, and generally see to it that our church is looking its best. They also developed an excellent Operations Manual which details the workings of the physical plant and the various church activities. For more information or to participate, please contact Murray Guy.

St. Philip's Outreach Committee

Outreach is an important part of life in the Parish of Marysburgh. We strongly believe that caring for one other and for our planet, as well as reaching out to those in need, is what Jesus asked of his followers. Over the years we have, on our own, and in partnership with other churches and community organizations, organized events and activities to raise both funds and consciousness in support of such socio/ecological issues as HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, and the struggles of First Nations peoples, to name a few. In addition to projects we develop, we are also one of the largest per capita donors in the Diocese to the Anglican Primates World Relief and Development Fund - a Canadian initiative which does ongoing work at the grassroots level in developing countries as well as providing timely disaster relief.

The Outreach Committee is also responsible for organizing community events like Movie Night at St. Philip's, and the Annual Black River Canoe Trip. It also supports the literacy program at the local public school where our volunteers listen to children read every Thursday morning during the school year. 

Open to everybody, the Outreach Committee is always delighted to welcome new members. We meet at least quarterly and more frequently during a project. If this ministry appeals to you and you would like more information, please contact Paula Walker.

St. Philip's Prayer Group

This dedicated group of volunteers prays daily for the sick, the bereaved, and those in other personal difficulties. Referrals are held in the strictest confidence within the group. Anyone may make a referral, but we ask that you provide an update on the status of the person every three to four weeks, or if a major change takes place. Referrals may be made by filling out the form found in the pews and placing it on the offering plate, or by contacting our priest, Rev Ada.