Music at st philip's: 

St Philip’s Choir consists of a small group of music lovers who are committed to meeting on a weekly basis (except during the summer months) to brush up on old favourites and to learn new and sometimes challenging new pieces. This is made possible by the skill and patience of Choir Director Mark Trumpour, organist Sally Cowan and two backup organists, and the faithful attendance of devoted singers at practices and services.


Seasonal hymns and anthems are prepared in four part harmony and serve to enhance worship at Advent, Christmas and Easter services and at other special church gatherings. The choir meets weekly to practice and increase their range of musical offerings, building a varied repertoire of pieces and brushing up on harmonization of chants to support regular Morning Prayer and Holy Eucharist services. St Philip’s Choir warmly welcomes new members to join in using their voices to praise God in song for the pure joy of it.