St Philip's Anglican Church, Milford

St. Philip's Anglican Church, Milford, ON 


Lay Reader, Paula Walker

  Peoples' Warden and Lay Reader,         

Paula Walker


   Rector's Warden, Eleanor Johnston 


             The St. Philip's Congregation forms a Living Creche, December, 2013

Welcome to St. Philip's

Growing on the Vine

Mission Statement:

In all activities we are guided by our mission statement as we strive:

To be a Christian centre for the worship of God - bringing members closer to Jesus Christ, proclaiming the Word, and making His love known to all. We serve our community in the power of the Spirit - welcoming everyone, helping those in need, and supporting the endeavours of others.

People’s Warden and Lay Reader: PAULA WALKER

Paula has been a lay reader since 2001. She and her husband Bruce were married in St. Philip's in 1975. Bruce's forebears were among the founding members of St. Philip's in 1830. Paula describes herself as a conservative Anglican who cares deeply about social and environmental justice. St. Philip's has felt like family since she became a regular member in 1980, and she is grateful to be able to serve in such a supportive community.

Rector's Warden: Eleanor johnston

Eleanor was born in Belleville, but moved to toronto to study.  She and her husband,Howard, raised their two girls there and retired to prince edward county where they joined St.Philip's.  Eleanor has been active in the ACW, the Marysburgh Women's Bible study group for many years. She is a recent recruit to the altar guild.  Thoughtful and wise, Eleanor is a gifted writer of poetry and short stories.  She brings  these and many other skills to her position as Rector's Warden.

The Congregation:

One of the nicest things about our church is how well a diverse group of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences - including farming, homemaking, engineering, the arts, the military, science, health care, teaching and business - manage to relate to one another and work enthusiastically together. We are very happy to have been called “The little church that could by our former bishop, The Rt. Rev. George Bruce.
Several of our County born members had ancestors who co-founded the new little church in Milford in the1830s.  You can still see their names on County road signs. On the other hand, at least half of us arrived here as newcomers over the years, several from other countries.
Among us there are many like our lay reader Paula and her husband Bruce, and our wardens Leigh and Noel, who have to be sick and contagious to miss a Sunday service! There are others we are glad to see a few times a year, and half-way between are couples who spend most of the year with us in the County but winter someplace warmer.
Our numbers include singles (both male and female) and couples who are mostly, but not all, seniors. Most admit to 50 plus! We have one extended family of three generations and another grandmother who comes regularly bringing her young grandson, Sawyer to join Maeve, Max and Katie in the church hall for children's church crafts and story time.
While our core leadership consists of two church wardens and the heads of various committees, everyone contributes time, money, and talents to making our church into that 'little church that could'. The broad array of skills found within the congregation has enabled us to stretch the scope of some of our projects beyond the reach of many larger churches. In the past few years we have involved ourselves in projects designed to support the peoples of Afghanistan, Ghana and northern Canada. Everyone is encouraged to join in, and no contribution is considered too little. Our knowledgeable do-it-yourself specialists get on with in-house renovations; our pianists play the organ; our great cooks organize and put on popular County dinners. We take great joy in working together in mutual respect and harmony - and we have fun along the way!
All in all we are truly blessed in belonging to a supportive church family where we enjoy each other's company and talents. We always look forward to having new people join us in worship and in all our social and outreach endeavours.