Schedule of Services at St. John's, Waupoos

Our Sunday service of worship unites us as a community as we gather together to praise God and to hear His word. Everyone is welcome.

Service time - 9 a.m. 

First and second Sundays:  Holy Communion - Book of Alternative Services (contemporary language).

Third Sunday:  Morning Prayer - Book of Common Prayer (traditional language)

Fourth Sunday:  Holy Communion - Book of Common Prayer 

Fifth Sundays:  At the discretion of the priest.  We have been introduced to the liturgy for Holy Communion from Kenya, New Zealand and England.

Additional services are held at Easter and at Christmas:

  • Ash Wednesday (7 p.m.)

  • Maundy Thursday (7 p.m.)

    Good Friday (10 a.m.) alternates between St. John's/St. Philip's.  It will be posted on the Home Page during the month of Easter

  • Christmas Eve Holy Communion (6:30 p.m.)

  • Christmas Day Holy Communion at St. Philip's (10 a.m.)

We have a coffee hour in the hall following Sunday services.